The Cup

Give yourself a sweet treat with the bingsus at The Cup

I always have a penchant for saccherine sweet desserts and the bingsus at The Cup did not fail to stimulate my sweet tooth.

Soft, fluffy shaved ice lies beneath fresh mangos paired with dried cranberries and almond flakes or the sweet savoury mix of blueberry cheesecake.

Going for something truly authentic ? There is always injeolmi (Korean rice cakes) to fall back on.

Type of Dining:
Hotel & Fine Dining
Café & Bistro
Alfresco Dining
Poolside Dining
Eatery House & Cafeteria
Coffee & Snack Bar
Stall & Kiosk
Hawker & Market Center
Food Court & Coffee Shop
Listing created Nov 17, 2017

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